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Emerging from the depths of Danish heritage, Skagen watches draw on inspiration from some of its spectacular landscapes and countryside, from incandescent pure blue skies, to sandy beaches and breezes arising from the coast. Its history lies in the founders Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who moved to New York from Denmark in the late 80′s and became a US representative for a Danish manufacturer of business watches. Gaining practice in the industry, they then started designing their own corporate timepieces and showcased them at a gift fair in 1991. Skagen Denmark was born. Owning a Skagen watch, is like owning a piece of nature sat on your wrist. You can stare at it longingly, taking you to simpler, tranquil times. The Skagen men’s watch collection typically consists of thin cases which sit perfectly on the wrist, modern mesh straps and casual leathers, as well as minimal dials and unique design elements. The ladies collection has similar defining features but with the addition of delicate crystals and the latest addition of a beautiful moon phase dial, found on the classic Gitte watch design.