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Marc Jacobs Watches

Think of the Marc Jacobs brand and you might visualise vivacious colours, fabrics and patterns, as well as the infamous MARC logo that sits so eloquently on the dial of their watches. The brand is named after its namesake, Marc Jacobs, and is a leading fashion label worldwide. Marc Jacobs’s timeline of fashion recognition is vast; from being scouted at university in New York for his woollen jumper designs, receiving a Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Perry Ellis Award just one year into launching his own label brand in 1986, to being appointed creative director of Louis Vuitton in 1992. In the early noughties Marc Jacobs launched his second fashion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, a more accessible fashion line and allowed for the introduction of accessories to the brand; and as such, the introduction of Marc by Marc Jacobs watches. In keeping with his trademark style, each Marc Jacobs watch symbolises vitality and trend setting design alongside bright colours and vivacious materials.
Marc Jacobs watches continue to grow year and year in popularity and are a frequent best seller.